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Gajar(Carrot) Murabba (Verdanta)

Gajar(Carrot) Murabba (Verdanta)

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  • Apart from being a wonderful accompaniment to any meal, it has various health benefits. For several centuries, it is traditionally used as a general health tonic, to sharpen the mind and relieve fatigue. It is rich in vitamin C, other essential nutrients and anti-oxidants.
  • Ayurvedic practitioners recommend taking organic carrot murabba each day in the morning for its health benefits.
  • The benefits of this delicious preserve include:
    • digestive benefits including gastritis and acidity relief
    • strengthens immune system
    • manages cholesterol level and heart diseases
    • reduces menstrual cramps, treats stress, cures insomnia and aids to weight loss
    • anti-ageing, anti-mark properties for skin and hair
  • These soft-cooked, sweetened organic carrot murabbas are delightfully flavored and can stay in airtight containers at room-temperature for a year.
  • No added artificial flavours or colors.
  • Healthy and Smart Snack Choice.

Murabba or marmalade in English, refers to sweet fruit preserve which is popular in many regions of Caucasus, Central and South Asia.

    [Shree Verdanta, Haryana, India]