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Bhatt (Black Soybean) Kilmora
Bhatt (Black Soybean) Kilmora
Bhatt (Black Soybean) Kilmora

Bhatt (Black Soybean) Kilmora

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Black Soya or Bhatt is a staple of most Kumaoni households. Traditionally cooked in a cast iron vessel, adding to its dark colour, this dish celebrates slow cooking. Bhatt also has protein and iron, and helps in reducing cholesterol. Make it in our traditional method or make a Mexican rice. Add it to salads or make delicious vegan cutlets.

Please Note: This product will be available during first week of November.

Kilmora has a range of naturally-grown grains and spices such as Rajma, Chilli Powder, Haldi (turmeric), Madua (Finger Millet), and Gahat (Horse Gram) etc. Before packaging, these are processed locally using traditional practices (such as water mill) wherever possible. These are available now at Handicrafts Galleria.